Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sweet Sandra

My neighbour's daughter, Sandra is sweet 18th.  Normally people said "Sweet 17", but I think even if you're more than 17th, you are still sweet...young.... n  beautiful.... Happy Birthday Sandra.  Repeat deco dengan one if my earlier cake.  This is just a little more sweet with pastel colour of choice.
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Rayyan Isqandar is 2

Kek ditempah oleh hubby's ofismate for her son's birthday. It's Carrot Cake topped with cheese icing with fondant deco. Harap mereka suka. I suka part buat bear tu n the ladybirds. Just learn it from YouTube. The rest is imagination. 

Lagi utk si adik Rayyan.  Chocolate moist cake.  Masih lagi mengekalkan tema bear.  To Rayyan, Happy Birthday n semoga menjadi anak yang soleh... amin.
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